Best Dog Collars: Reviewed For Durability And Style

Is your dog’s collar looking old and worn? Maybe your dog just finished growing tenfold and you’re looking for a long-lasting, durable collar. Or you’re simply looking for a dog collar that will match your newest pair of shoes.

Whatever the reason, finding the best dog collar is a lot more important than you might initially think, and there’s quite a few different types you’ll want to research. Let’s take a quick look into the reasons you should invest in a high quality dog collar and what types to look out for.

Reason To Buy A High Quality Dog Collar

Security For Walks

Your dog’s safety comes first! That’s why you need a collar that’s reliable, well-made, and secure. The last thing you want to happen during a walk or while your dog is on a lead is to have them escape. This can happen faster than you think, especially with a cheap collar.

You should be sure that the ring on your collar is securely fastened to it, and preferable made of metal so it won’t weaken over time.

You also want a collar that will hold its desired length to fit your dog’s neck just right. If the collar loosens up and lengthens, then your dog’s head could easily slip out.

Your Dog’s ID

Dog collars are so universal that everyone knows if they come across a lost dog to check the dog’s ID which is typically a dog tag hanging from the collar.

While dog microchips are a wonderful thing that we think all dogs should have, it’s not the fastest way to get your lost dog back to you. It requires someone to take your dog to a veterinarian or animal shelter for them to be scanned, and then that office must either contact the veterinarian that microchipped your dog, or you (if you pay the annual fee with microchip companies to store your information).

It’s much faster to get your dog home when their dog tag has an address and phone number list. Since this crucial identification hangs on your dog’s collar, it’s all the more reason to make sure their collar is high quality and reliable.

If people see a dog without a collar, they may also assume it’s a stray or feral dog and be less likely to try to help it at all.


Apart from safety and ID, let’s not forget that a dog collar is like a fashion accessory for your pooch! Your dog collar can say a lot about both you and your dog, and I think it’s a great way to show some personality that matches your pet.